we use and love these platforms and happy to help you with

Expert Consulting

ARVO are a highly experienced, professional services company. We help our clients gain maximum return on investment and competitive advantage through the implementation of enterprise technologies such as SharePoint, Office 365, MVC and .Net Solutions.

We are able to provide end to end solutions like corporate intranets, social platforms and website experiences or augment existing project teams and provide specialist skills and knowledge at any point in your roadmap.

Requirements workshops

Workshops are great when trying to understand what features and functions any possible solution may require. By taking the time to talk to groups and users, we can understand what the hot topics are. Then by using our expertise, we can begin to develop solutions that will work for you.

Architecture design planning

Designing and planning a logical and physical solution is key to ensuring an optimum user experience and providing a solution that will scale in the future. Our consultants will work with your business to design and plan the technical platforms that are right for your business.

Strategy and governance

ARVO has the specialist knowledge and practical experience to create strategic roadmaps, that are both tailored to your requirements and take in best practices from the wider industry. We are able to look at infrastructure trends, software and system rollout plans, as well as user adoption and governance strategies.

Design Development Services

Technologies such as SharePoint are feature rich and set the standard higher with each new release. But sometimes out of the box just isn't enough. You need special, custom, bespoke, because you have unique challenges, requirements and goals.

By utilizing technologies like SharePoint we are able to start any development project with all the core services already in place. This makes it an excellent platform to build bespoke line of business applications and the natural choice for forward thinking organizations.

SharePoint and .NET development

SharePoint is an extremely open platform and enables our development teams to quickly build custom components and applications. Over the years we've developed our own frameworks and templates all in an effort to optimize time to market for our customers.

Technical architecture planning

Our technical architects work with our clients to ensure the best technical solution is achieved. 'Don't re-invent the wheel' is our mantra but instead utilize core components of technologies like SharePoint and MVC and mold them into a solution that's fit for purpose.

Quality assurance

Quality is one of our core values and is interwoven into everything we do. Quality control doesn't just happen at the end of a project but is intertwined with the whole process, throughout all the key checkpoints from start to finish.