About Us


Our mission is to help our customers to solve their critical business issues using the latest technology and a fresh look through the prism of experience of successful implementations.


We provide custom development and implementation of business applications based on modern web and cloud platforms.

Microsoft SharePoint and related Microsoft's technologies are our cornerstones for building the comprehensive, integrated and scalable solutions.

Main subject areas, where we are good in, are enterprise content management systems, intranet portals solutions, the automation of LOB processes, data integration, data analysis and reporting (BI).

Competitive advantages

We are concentrated on a rather narrow technological stack where are are aiming to be the best.

We use the approach of "small professional teams", which allows us to be flexible, fast and easily share experiences and knowledge inside the teams.

The last but not the least benefit is the internal mandatory requirement for our managers to have domain and technology stack knowledge. This allows us to exclude misunderstandings in the initial requirements and further project tasks.